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Cylinder liners are an essential part of engine blocks that work under heavy loads and heated temperatures. Both of these factors lead to massive wear and tear in and around the engine parts. It is further aggravated by the accumulation of corrosive materials that produce increased damage on heated parts. Such a situation is even more pronounced in automation vehicles where work demand from engines is higher than usual. To counter this problem, automobile industries use air-cooled cylinder liner. These tailor-made liners come in different sides and sizes, are made from the choicest metals and is supported by complex machinery that improves their output incredibly. Owing to their versatile nature, they contain a lot more feature that can be enumerated as follows:

1.Corrosion Resistant Mechanisms
One of the most common issues with cylinder liners is damaging of its parts due to the metal being corroded. In actuality, as the engine runs continuously, its energy conversion processes create a number of by-products that materialize to form a greasy texture. They block the conduction passageway between the engine’s parts and the coolant, thereby hindering the internal cooling system. Additionally, they also reduce the quality of the parts and makes them susceptible to cracks or holes. Contrasting to such simpler designs, automation cylinder liners are made from metals that show a high degree of resistance to corrosion. To support their characteristic quality, the liner design is made with such precision that the cooling system is freed from the hassles of conduction and is rather used for the more efficient process of convection for lowering engine temperature.

2.Tough Construction
As interesting as it may sound, manufacturing of auto cylinder liners is personally supervised by a number of companies to check whether it is safe and is value for money. Though internationally set quality standards of automotive are always available for reference. Likewise, for air-cooled cylinder liners, the measures of composing metals, important intricacies of centrifugal processing, and standards of advanced technological support have been unanimously demarcated by the auto parts manufacturing industry. Hence, every time a buyer goes on to rely on an air-cooled cylinder liner from any company, he/she can be sure of its tough construction.

3.Enhanced Wear and Tear Endurance
While different amalgamations of different grade metals like chromium and nickel add a non-corrosive quality to air-cooled liners, other metals used in its composition allow it to be more durable and stronger as compared to other types of liners. The sophisticated technological devices set up to support its functions, prevent undue damages while keeping its quality standards in check all the time.

4.Economically Viable Alternative to Industrious Designs
It is common for individuals reading through the benefits of an air-cooled cylinder liner to be amazed by the drastically low prices on which it is offered. Thanks to the huge international production output of such liners, it is commonly used by every automotive company.

The only feature where air cooled and other types of cylinder liners intersect is the manufacturing process. Despite the seeming sophistication of the former, all cylinder liners are made singularly from the centrifugal processes. The refined metal amalgamation is cast into a cylindrical iron to give it a round shape.

Though, in the case of air-cooled liners, the casting mold comes in many sizes depending upon the mass of the vehicle where it is expected to be installed. Large-sized automotive demands more energy from the engine, and hence their cylinder liners are equally plus-sized. Thanks to the innovation of air-cooled cylinder liners, today, automotive have become much more fuel-efficient.

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